Jaguar XK120 in The Southern Hemisphere

The Jaguar XK120

in The Southern Hemisphere

by John Elmgreen and Terry McGrath

At long last, in fact 25 years after the original book titled “The Jaguar XK in Australia” was produced, the new edition or in fact volume 1 of a 3 volume
set has been printed and copies have finally reached Denver Colorado for despatch to North American XK owners.The book contains a massive 488 large format pages 335mm x 247mm (13″x 10″) and features the histories of some 1000 XK120’s in Africa, Asia, Australia/NZ and South America. It includes the histories of 55 alloy cars (22%), 203 cars that have or are in the USA, 143 cars that have or are in the UK and 51 cars that have or are in Europe.It contains almost 1,100 photos most if not all have never been seen before and many are period shots that give a good indication of correct features on cars and changeover points ie the short and long stem mirrors on XK120 roadsters colours of bumper irons and no they were not always black.


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Jaguar Southern Hemisphere

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