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Sports Cars


Next to each photo is a paragraph highlighting the distinguishing coachwork features of that model.

XK 120
Distinguishing Coachwork Features

  • Narrow grille with 13 thin-vanes
  • Two, thin, horizontal front bumpers and two, thin, vertical overriders in the rear
  • No chrome moulding in the centre of the bonnet or bootlid
  • A two-pane, flat-glass windscreen
  • A dip in the wing-line between the doors and rear wings

E-Type (Opalescent Blue)
(Series 1) March 1961 to July 1967
(Series 1½) July 1967 to September 1968

Distinguishing Coachwork Features

  • Covered headlamps on the (Series 1) E-Type
  • Uncovered headlamps on the (Series 1½) E-Type
  • Small symmetrical oval air intake
  • Small front and rear turn indicators fitted above the bumpers
  • OTS models have chrome trim pieces fitted along the top of the outer door panels
  • Low front wheel arches
  • Two-piece rear bumper with the recessed number plate in the centre
  • Two-eared "knock-off" hub caps

XK8 Sports Cars
Distinguishing Features of the XKR (Phoenix Red)

  • Wire mesh grille
  • Bonnet with centre power bulge and dual engine-heat exhaust louvres
  • Round bonnet emblem with a silver Growler on a red background, surrounded by the silver lettering
  • JAGUAR and SUPERCHARGED on a black background
  • Bootlid has a subtle spoiler
  • Each Double 5-Spoke wheel has a centre medallion with a silver Growler on a red background

 Concept Cars
istinguishing Features of the XK 180

  • Oval air intake
  • Front spoiler
  • Recessed driving lamps
  • Covered headlamps 20-inch, five-spoke, two-piece Jaguar-designed
  • BBS alloy wheels
  • Engine-heat exhaust bonnet louvres embossed on each side of the power bulge
  • No exterior door handles
  • "Double-Bubble" windscreen
  • Dual headrests

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