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1950's & 60's Saloons







MK V Drop Head Coupé 
Distinguishing Coachwork Features

  • Drop Head Coupé model:
    Lever-type door handles fitted in the chrome coachline moulding
  • Saloon model:
    Push-button type door handles fitted in chrome coachline moulding
  • Both the Saloon and Drop Head Coupé models have rear-hinged doors with concealed door hinges
  • The MK V is noted for its big, impressive radiator grille
  • Headlamps are an integral part of the front wings, yet protrude each in their own nacelle
  • Each fog lamp is mounted on a chrome base
  • Two-piece, tubular shaped, upper and lower bumpers
  • The MK V and the XK 120 are the first Jaguars to be fitted with pressed steel wheels and partially painted nave plates
  • Rear wing valances/spats with escutcheons for removal

MK IX Saloon  
Distinguishing Coachwork Features

  • The MK IX Saloon has a chrome MK IX emblem fitted to the lower right portion of the bootlid
  • Models produced from October 1958 to August 1959 are fitted with the small Lucas L549 rear lamp lenses
  • Models produced from August 1959 to October 1961 are fitted with the large Lucas L627 rear lamp lenses
  • The MK IX is fitted with the 3.8 litre XK engine and dual exhaust pipes



XJ Saloons
(Series 1) XJ Saloon

Distinguishing Coachwork Features

  • Sculptured area over the four individual headlamps
  • Push-button type door handles
  • XJ6-Large radiator grille with grid pattern vanes (shown here)
  • XJ12-Large radiator grille with vertical vanes
  • Front turn indicators and rectangular horn grilles are fitted above the bumper
  • Rear turn indicators are pointed at the top and flat at the bottom

S-Type Saloon
Distinguishing Coachwork Features

  • The oval thirteen-vane grille has a wide chrome surround
  • The four-individual headlamps each have a partial nacelle trailing into the bonnet
  • The boomerang shaped chrome bumper trim pieces have side markers at the trailing edges
  • The fog lamps are recessed in the oval air intake below the front bumper




X-Type Saloon
Distinguishing Coachwork Features

  • Optional swivel based, Version 4,  six-Inch Leaper (market dependent)
  • Elliptical radiator grille designed similar to that of the XJ Saloon
  • Elliptical headlamps
  • Bumpers have separate, wrap-around chrome finishers with sidelamps at the trailing edge
  • Large oval air intake below the bumper
  • Recessed fog lamps
  • Body coloured mirror housings
  • Bumpers have separate, wrap-around finishers with sidelamps at the trailing edge
  • Body coloured mirror housings


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