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The Collector's Edition:

  • Is Signed by the Author
  • Has the Chrome Emblem on the Red Leather Slip Case
  • Has Silver Gilded Page Edges
  • The Slip Case and the Book Have Matching Numbers*

Only 39 of these Collector's Editions are available at $130.00 Each

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Included with the purchase of the Deluxe Edition 
are the following:

  • The Book on CD 
  • The 150 Image Screen Saver CD
  • The Red Leather Book Mark
The Book on CD
The 150 Image Screen Saver CD

System Requirements

These applications run best on PC computers with:

  • Microsoft Windows(R)
  • Pentium(R) 2 Mhz Processor
  • 512 MB RAM recommended
  • 4x CD

The Red Leather Book Mark

The red leather book mark is only available with the purchase of the
Collector's Edition.

As this Edition is Very Limited
(Of the 100 Collecotor's Editions printed, as of February 2017, only 9 remain available), email the Author Directly at skennedy@ecentral.com to Arrange for your Purchase.

*The stamped number on the slip case metal emblem matches the stamped number on the silver book label.